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In 2003 Sally decided to have a course of Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments to improve her own digestive problems, this is what gave Sally a career change in Holistic Therapy/Alternative Medicine. Through experiencing the positive changes Sally decided to become a trained practioner delivering Colonic Hydrotherapy to her clients. 

Sally trained with ARCH in 2003 and started Colonics Wirral where she delivers a professional friendly service. The treatments are carried out in a safe and hygenic enviroment across two clinics within the Wirral Peninsular. 

With a passion for helping others to acheive a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle, Sally will also provide her clients with aftercare advice tailored to each inviduals needs. 

Sally ensures you can expect the very best in client service, high professional standards and the key knowledge and expertise with complete code of practice confidentiality.

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We all suffer from feeling Bloated and tired but combing a Colonic treatment with a better Diet is the answer. 

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