Herbal Infusion Treatments?

Liquorice Root
Anti-spasmodic, Anti-inflammatory, Releases gas, Soothing, Laxative, Smooth muscle relaxant.
Use with fennel as a ‘base’ for other herbs.

Anti-spasmodic, Anti-inflammatory, Releases gas, Carminative, Anti-depressant, Anti-bacterial, Soothing muscle relaxant. - Use with liquorice as a ‘base’ for other herbs.

Anti-spasmodic, Anti-inflammatory, Releases gas, Carminative, Sedative, Analgesic.
Especially use for emotional people. IBS.

Anti-spasmodic, Anti-inflammatory, Smooth muscle relaxant Release gas.
Especially use for IBS. Gassy bowel, Indigestion.

Raspberry Leaf
Toning, Astringent, Stimulant. - Especially use for constipation.

Senna Pod
Tonic, Laxative, Stimulates peristalsis - Especially use for constipation.

Dandelion Root
Bitter, Laxative, Stimulant, Diuretic - Especially use for constipation.

Bitter, Laxative, helps IBS reduces bloating, Releases gas, Reduces abdominal pain. Especially use for constipation.


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